do you have MJFan best friends?

oh yeah!

itsjustdesire shamonex iamsoblue magical-butterflies theoneinthemirror itseulonzobitch

Those are the ones that I talk to most, not only here on tumblr but out of the site of course

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Why is Michael's bellybutton so adorable?

lmao…I know…my little sister AND baby sister’s bellybutton’s are the same, I poke them every time I have the opportunity ‘cause I love it xD

5 Apr 22nd #arizona-luvr


Do I follow: FOREVER

Do they follow: YAAASS

Rate: infinite/10

She’s honestly one of the best friends I have in my life. I LOVE HER TO DEATH and her blog is amazing and her edits are so damn perfect, I mean I’m justin bieber and she’s Michael Jackson, you know? She’s so sweet, and she helped me a lot in my depressed days and It means a lot to me. I really wanna know her one day, she’s an amazing person. I love you Nakie ♥

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In english, we say “shut the fuck up” but in spanish they say “cierra la boca puta” which translates to shut your bitch mouth and i think thats beautiful

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— "I liked his music, just not him as a person." —



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