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I don’t follow back by request, sorry :(

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What do you use to edit your pictures?

As program PS
as coloring/actions nothing

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thank u for what you wrote about "stranger in moscow" it made me cry ;)

Are you referring to the last stranger in Moscow gifset I reblogged? Because it wasn’t me who made the post. But aw, well it made me cry too, bc you can see the sadness even in pictures :( that’s one of my fave short films because you can see truth coming from him, you can even feel the sadness yourself :(

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everyone else is doing this so I guess I will too lol.


Name: Nakira
Age: 21
Gender: Female


Food: anything that have to do with pastas lmao
Drink: I really don’t have one
Book: Idk
Favorite Author: i don’t have one lol
Song: "Scream" by the KING
Movie: The dark knight rises (the one that I’m currently watching xD)
TV Show: American Horror Story
Band: Fall out boys
Place: ???? my room?
School Subject: english or any class that gotta do with languages aaaand theater
Sport: basketball
Female Actor: oh I have so many, but Angelina Jolie


Best Friend: Lenetta, italo, dee and others I will not name ‘cause I wont finish, they all are online friends aye :D
Significant Other: None
Siblings: 3 (I have more but I don’t know any of them)
Dream Job: actress but too good to be true and to freaking difficult to accomplish
Fears: Being alone forever 
Political Ideology: I don’t like political stuff, it makes me mad.
Religion: I grew up in a catholic family, but I don’t go to church or dedicate time to God? so I’m not sure lmao I do believe in God but I don’t think I’m that religious
Tattoos: None yet
Piercings: One in each ear and belly button
Languages: spanish, english and a biiiiiiiiiiit of Japanese


Reason Behind URL: it’s pretty obvious xD
Reason Behind Icon: sexy man, what else can i say?

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Why You Joined:
my cousin and I shared this blog before so she was the one
First URL: bluecandy10 hahaha
# of Blogs:
9 I have a lot and I’m regretting it
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Michael Jackson - Black & White
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For some reason when I was watching the Behind the Scenes of the making of “Stranger in Moscow”, this sad feeling took over me. When you watch it, you see that Michael isn’t interacting with these people as the “short film” as he says, makes it seem. He’s in front of a screen, walking in no form of destination. But as I continued watching, these physical emotions, his body language… That’s not scripted. You can see his hurt, through his eyes, the way he’s holding himself. The song only entitles his loneliness, but him, he embodies the portrait of his lonesome, in video form.

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aaaayy. my birthday is march 4th and I was born in the same year lmao

we are the queens

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